In This Reflective Statement I Am Going To Discuss About

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In this reflective statement I am going to discuss about presentation I did together as a group and individually. The main aim of this reflection statement is to describe how I and my team mates worked while we took the responsibility to work on this project. The main reason for writing this reflective statement is to carry my experience of working in a team and how I managed challenges. The reflective statement is a personal record of my learning experiences. This journal is going to include my inspirations, how I came up with ideas to build up my work and my awareness of the position in which I work. I was chosen to work in a team of 6 members to form a business idea. My team members were James Andress, Liam Davies, Yaaseen Aziz, Holly…show more content…
Coming from different backgrounds can be quite challenging sometimes there can be miss understanding due to language barrier. I was very eager to work with my new group and share my idea. We all were focused on working together and building healthy and safe working environment for all the group members. My purpose was to work better with my team mates. At first we were playing with our ideas, and I came up with temperature control pillow and an App for bus tracker but we didn’t felt like it was a right move. After brainstorming all our ideas, we choose Self Heating Mug to be right choice. This was our forming stage. (Office of Human Resources, 2017) In order for our business plan to work efficiently we have worked on “SWOT” to improve on our business strategy. Swot analysis helped us to know what our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats it faces in the market. Our weakness was we could only provide our product online or in selected service stations, and our shipping time was longer due to our product being made in china. we are new to business and we already had lots of competition. To keep up with our business, we need to maintain our weakness and threats. We will need a strategy for our business to help us to focus on specific goal to achieve success. Which will also impact on team members to be encouraged to contribute on the task. I believe working in a team together with positive attitude we can accomplish goals.
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