In This Technology Era, It Is Essential To Have A Web Presence

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In this technology era, it is essential to have a web presence to provide easy and convenient access to the clients. One of the services that is prominent is E-commerce, allowing the business to have a web frontend, which provides the same services as traditional commerce world. The rapid changing technology had provided the opportunity for the companies to reach to a wide variety of consumers not just across the nation but also throughout the world. Based on the observation of how a small-sized business can reach more clients spread across the world, one of the high achiever’s path was to have a user-friendly e-commerce website to keep the clients engaged and provide their needs without the hassle of making a client go the to the store…show more content…
The primary objective of this project is to provide a responsive e-commerce website for Innovative-Diffusion LLC, to minimize the hassle of purchasing solar products through the comfort of shopping online. The proposed project will include the development of responsive e-commerce website, which will also include the new look and feel, and implementation of shopping features. Problem Statement Nowadays it is essential for each organization to have an appealing website. As of now, the organization Innovative-Diffusion LLC is confronting an immense test as their e-commerce site is obsolete and composed just for widescreen portable workstations and desktops, though more than half of their users use mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. Thus the organization to have an alluring and responsive e-commerce site is critical. Responsive web outline (RWD) will permit clients to the site through every cutting edge gadget. Additionally, to actualize new UI components to stay focused amongst other comparable e-commerce sites is important. Alongside this, the company needs a well-structured e-commerce database system for all their data requirements. Scope In conversation with the client, it has been agreed upon that the team will help with decision making for incorporation of the e-commerce solution in two ways. First, the team will
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