In Today'S Global Environment, Environmental Ethics Has

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In today 's global environment, environmental ethics has become a necessary practice all around the world as environmental problems cross cultural boundaries. However, creating effective strategies for safeguarding and conserving the environment often bring about ethical issues. In these issues of how to reduce or get rid of pollution and hazardous waste, ethics is at the forefront, especially when there is an absence of laws to governor the issue or lack of adherence to the law. The benefit of employing ethics is that ethics are more likely to be effective in bringing about significant behavioral changes in people. World religions contain ethics and standard of conduct that suggests how humans should behave towards each other and nature.…show more content…
In the environmental context, early Islam was characterised by its simplicity and high regards for nature. As Islam spread into Africa, Asia and Europe in the seventh century, it maintained its naturalistic roots.
For Muslims, the Qur’an (a revelation from Allah which expresses the will of Allah) and the Sunnah (a historical record of the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and deeds), are the primary and secondary sources of Islamic principles embedded in the Shari’ah (Islamic law). Muslims and many scholars believe these sources provide the answers for all ethical questions, including environmental ethics. From these sources, three fundamental principles: tawhid, khilafah and al-akhirah are known as the conceptual basis of the Islamic life concerning Islamic environmental ethics. Tawhid is the concept of unity, balance and harmony and the foundation of Islamic faith. On one hand, unity refers to the singularity of God, which implies that the whole universe is designed accordingly to the craftsmanship of one divine being. Humans and the ecosystem are part of the same universe, with Allah as the unifying thread that guides God-human, human-human, and human-universe relationships. On the other hand, unity is also understood through the concept of equilibrium. In Islam, the universe is maintained in balance, as God created everything in proportion and measure. The idea of equilibrium extends beyond nature to encompass the essential character of Muslims such that

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