In Today’S Modern Age, Scandalous And Controversial Information

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In today’s modern age, scandalous and controversial information is able to make its way into the homes of people throughout the nation, regardless if it is factual or not. Currently debates regarding gay marriage, abortion and immigration have arisen once again and sides have been taken with the conservatives belittling liberals over the stances they choose to support. The president-elect, Donald Trump has chosen to focus his platform on immigration from the beginning of his campaign and states that the people coming into the country for their “american dream” are criminals, rapists, and their only accomplishment while being in the states is to terrorize the lives of citizens living in the country. Though many facts can be given to…show more content…
Yet many fail to see numerous benefits both legal and illegal immigrants bring to the country, and they make due with what they have instead of making excuses on why they are unable to find a job to sustain themselves and their families. While they can find it easier to find a job, no matter how strenuous it might be, it is difficult living in the US without fear, specially now that there is an increased number of ICE agents patrolling places like grocery stores, around hospitals and also close by some of the neighborhoods they live. While it is factual that immigrants take some jobs from US citizens, typically it is the undesirable jobs such as, working in gardening, as housemaids, construction workers, child care providers, and those who work in agricultural settings to pick fruits and vegetables. As many people debate immigration and whether immigrants are truly taking jobs away, they fail to see that many of these jobs are not given by state employers or regulated businesses and many of the income given to the immigrants is less than minimum wage, they get no benefits from it, are overworked for long hours and days and still do not make the same amount of money as a citizen would make from a minimum wage job at a fast food restaurant because they would be able to work fewer hours for the same amount of money. The few jobs where employers have to pay taxes and keep account of the people working

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