In Today'S Progressing World, Technology Has Become Greatly

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In today 's progressing world, technology has become greatly increased in everything the exist. From toys to surgery technology advancement has made tremendous impacts to the world. Robotic surgery is a mechanism that performs surgery using a robotic hand holding a medical tool. In the medical field, there is a controversy of whether robotic surgery is an acceptable way to perform surgery without an in person surgeon. Technology in medicine has improved mechanisms of patient care, surgery techniques, and has made more resources available for the preventions of diseases and illnesses. This type of surgery is known to become a monumental growth in medicine in both a good and a bad way. It has modified the way people are thinking of the…show more content…
While other surgeries can cost thousands of dollars, when doing a robotic surgery it can help to lower the number of medical bills for patients. On the website, Medscape, it states, "At this time, health insurers generally pay for robotic surgery just as they would any other surgical procedure, and patient out-of-pocket costs are typically no different either." Medical bills are expensive and cause many families grief and even cause many families to become poor. Robotic surgery comforts families by allowing them to focus more on the well-being of their loved one than on how skilled the surgeon is or how expensive it will be to pay the numerous list of doctors needed to perform the surgery.

Robotic surgery gives the ability for doctors to give their patients to have options with their surgery. The use of robotic surgery is well and efficient procedure that allows the benefit to save lives everyday. There may be many risk factor with this type of surgery, but the benefits tremendously outweigh them. These benefits, accuracy and conciseness, and the reduction of medical cost can help to save patients with difficult surgeries that surgeon can not perform. Robotic surgery can help pave the way for new and innovated medicine that will benefit not only doctors but also patients and families. Medical technology innovates not only the medical field but also all other fields

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