In Today’S Society, Abortion Is A Sore Subject, And If

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In today’s society, abortion is a sore subject, and if America wants to end the debate on whether or not to let abortion be legal, we need to make some changes. For starters, we would need to change how we educate our youth on sexual encounters and how to go about it safely. Along with new education, we need to make anti-contraceptive devices free and available to the general public. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by removing an unborn fetus. There are many ways to perform this operation, one being the physical removal of the fetus directly from the womb with a vacuum. Another way of having this procedure done is by taking a drug that kills the fetus while still inside. “Traditionally, many countries outlawed…show more content…
The women who participated in this study were ranged in age from 17-49. This shows us that even though these women had been educated about abortion and contraceptive methods, they still chose to ignore them and not use them. So, it must be true that our methods of teaching our young are not getting through. According to a different study conducted by Suzan Tusiime, only 12.5% of women used some form of contraceptive when they became pregnant. If you do the math, that means 87.5% of women used no contraceptive at all when they became accidentally pregnant. (Tusiime). Unwanted pregnancy is only one of numerous reasons why people want and receive abortions. Another reason women get abortions is because of rape. The blame on this one is pointed towards the boys. Obviously, we haven’t educated our young males on the direr need for consent. Under this circumstance, women should definitely be allowed to receive an abortion for the pure fact that they are birthing the child of a monster and no one should have to lose sleep over that. There is a multitude of solutions to end this debate. For starters, we could work on providing contraceptives, like male and female condoms, readily available to the public for free or for a cheaper price than what it is currently. One should be able to walk into a store and receive a condom for free. This means supplying our middle schools, high schools, and colleges with free condoms. This in itself

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