In Today’S Society Healthcare Is Changing Rapidly, Mainly

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In today’s society healthcare is changing rapidly, mainly because there are many resources available to healthcare professionals everywhere. All of these resources allow healthcare professionals to gain more insight and knowledge on all types of issues in the medical field. A big issue found in childbearing woman that should be addressed is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The valuable information found within so many resources allows for better prevention of FAS, patient centered care, and quality of care for not only the mother, but for the fetus as well. It is important to be able to have access to all types of resources, know how to interpret the information they are providing, educate the patient, and put it into practice in order to put…show more content…
Therefore, the fetus can have an alcohol level that is higher than that of the mother’s alcohol level, this is why it is very important and critical to be able to accurately detect women who are consuming alcohol during pregnancy. Evidently, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has significant lifelong consequences for not only the fetus, but for the family as well. A nurse’s job is to advocate for their patients and provide them with the best care possible. A childbearing mother should be informed about the consequences of her actions if she were to consume alcohol during pregnancy. The nurse will be the advocate for not only the mother, but for the fetus as well. Both patients should be cared for prenatally all through the postpartum period. Additionally, the childbearing mother should be assessed for any alcohol consumption during her 1st initial visit and throughout pregnancy. She should also be educated about the potential harm she could be doing to her child by drinking any type of alcoholic beverage during pregnancy. For example, she should be taught that drinking alcohol during pregnancy could cause birth defects and intellectual disabilities in her baby. The childbearing mother should be taught that in order to ensure the health of her child, she should refrain from drinking because there are

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