In Today’S Society Police Misconduct Is Growing Rapidly

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In today’s society police misconduct is growing rapidly and a serious matter. Police misconduct is often referring to as an ill appropriated conduct taken by police officers about their official daily routine duties. Law enforcement official are not obeying the oath that they took to uphold the law. American people don’t have the chance to get judge by jury or even have their day in court, due to the illegal actions taken by police officers. Citizen is innocent until proven guilty, police officer should never let the perpetrator allow them to stop out of character (Kane&White2013). Most times when officers react to the perpetrator that’s the first mistake that can destroyed, the department allowing them not to have grounds to stand on.…show more content…
Wearing a badge gives an officer a since of power and authority to do disorderly, unacceptable things that lead to misconduct. Black Teenagers are getting pulled over haven’t done anything wrong, but a since of assumption by the officer the teenagers are not obeying the law some have open containers, drug and marijuana. Upon the offer looking for a reasonable cause to search the vehicle they profile the group of people to see their weak spots to find a way to make an arrest. With teenagers not knowing their rights the officers doesn’t tells them any different, allowing them to give themselves up, this is a slight act of misconduct (Curry 2015). However, were seeing more cases involving a high speed chase the defendant gets out the car and run, the cops pull out their gun and shoot to kill firing their gun three to seven times while the perpetrator is down (Arrigo2014). This is a form of improper behavior that has led to police misconduct, no one deserves to be gun down in the street like an animal during hunting season (Arrgo2014). Excessive force most common forms of police misconduct. Excessive force reports are made up of 23 percent of all police misconduct reports in the year of 2010, according to (Kane & White 2013). Those excessive force reports, an estimated 58 percent involved cases of physical use of

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