In Today’S Society, Technology Is Ever Advancing. With

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In today’s society, technology is ever advancing. With the creation of new technology, other technological firms will try to outdo all other competition, and with that, it seems as if there is an arms race on who could create the better software, mobile phone, and so on. One leading example is Apple. When one goes out to the city, mall, or any public locations, one can see that many people have an iPhone. Individuals are constantly on their phones, browsing the web, texting, facetiming, or checking up on any social media applications. However, this does not only happen within the US but outside of it as well. As a result, society is shaped and ruled by technology. With the ease of contacting any individual around the world via text or…show more content…
Yet, there is another market that have been disrupted because of huge advancements to technology, which is the factory market in the US. Tech companies, such as Apple, locate all their manufacturing firms in China, where they then hire thousands of Chinese workers to create and produce all their items. Although Apple is based in Cupertino, the production of iPhones is done outside of the US (Chen). Americans see this as a negative because if production were brought back to America, thousands of jobs would have been created. Despite being a pleasant idea, Apple would lose billions of dollars if production were brought to America because they would need to pay workers much more than they would paying Chinese workers (Chen). Because of a decreased wage to Chinese workers, Apple is able to save its funds to hire professional employees to work on the design of their products and develop new features while also updating their software (Chen). Another market that has been disrupted is the music market through the introduction of the iPod and iTunes (Bajarin). Although the music market has been disrupted before because of pirating songs, iPod and iTunes have replaced CD and mp3 players, which overtime, have become obsolete. Furthermore, CDs in general have lost its value because of artists digitally uploading their albums in iTunes.
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