In Today'S Society We Are Surrounded By Situations And

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In today 's society we are surrounded by situations and possible outcomes that are all tied to our own way of ethical reasoning. What we do when in these difficult situations may construct a positive or negative path for you and others around you. Another issue in today 's society is to be able to do your job ethically. Unethical work issues are caused by going against your own morality and ethics and doing what you have to do because it is your duty. It 's difficult to sort through these questions and possible outcomes when you are going against own moral code. People finding conflicts with their own work ethic can be seen all across the globe. From several case studies focusing on unethical decisions made in the media, you can see that…show more content…
For instance, the word play such as “star of the evening.” I find this unnecessary; this is a tragedy that should have been dealt with sincerity and a heartfelt condolence to the family. When applying the “golden mean,” an ethical reasoning by Aristotle to this situation, the best outcome is when you find the desirable middle between two extremes. Aristotle created this philosophy approach in virtue ethics. It may, initially, be identified as the one that emphasizes the virtue of one 's moral character. The overall best outcome would be if the the news station still report this story at the end of the broadcast not because it 's a juicy story, but to state the significance and importance of this tragedy. The mean would be to do all of this in virtue and with respect towards this person and the family. Another way to view this case with ethical reasoning is Kant’s categorical imperative. This is when a person acts and makes decisions as if these decisions would become a universal law. So in this scenario, the news team would have been okay with everyone doing this; even if it was the other way around. This is a excellent way to make difficult choices less difficult. Another case study that falls into ethical reasoning is “When public should remain private.” In this case study, reporter/author Deni Elliott provides crucial insight on a sensitive news story. This case file shows how much a reporter should and should not report when given a difficult
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