In Today’S Society Women May Have Their Full Rights, But

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In today’s society women may have their full rights, but they are still not respected. They have more say so in their lives, but men overpower them with their leadership and hard-working techniques. In the Crucible women had a routine role. They were forced to go to church, cook, and clean for the house and family. Women also experienced beatings from the man in the house. The difference in women in the 1950s and the women in the crucible, is that many of the roles stay the same. Not much has really changed for the role of women. Only certain circumstances women had to face were the challenging part of being the woman. “The 1950’s is often viewed as a period of conformity, when both men and women observed strict gender roles and complied…show more content…
It’s necessarily what a woman chose, but she was born into that labor of work. The Crucible women are portrayed in different ways. The Crucible shows a stereotype for women known as “woman as wicked”. Furthermore, “Evil women” in history and literature all still show women how they can be independent and even more powerful than the men,” (Edublogs).This can also be described as when a woman makes one mistake in literature, her overall appearance in now negative. For example, Abigail is an antagonist in the play. “She thinks to take my place John,” (Miller).She comes off as a liar, thief, and a manipulative individual. She had absolutely no respect for her uncle. From one bad event that she committed, the community thought less of her. Abigail was easily believed in the story, and was looked at as innocent and harmless. The people that knew she was lying however, looked down upon her as if she committed murder. For a man, the outcome, and possibly the circumstances would have been different. A man they would have been more skeptical of. Someone who is completely opposite of Abigail, would be Elizabeth Proctor. Even though she was better in behavior then Abigail she was still looked at the same way as her. She has high morals for herself, meaning that in her role as a woman she had to do things in the Goliday 2 community. That means going to church every Sunday, and helps out around the house as such a young lady would do. Tituba was the woman you would

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