In Today’S Technologically Advanced Society, Data Is An

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In today’s technologically advanced society, data is an extremely valuable resource that is used daily by individuals and large corporations. Data is stored within databases to allow the process of retrieving and supervising data simplistic and efficient. Data plays a crucial role in today’s society and must be protected from all threats to maintain the data’s integrity. Security is one of the most important and challenging tasks that concerns the entire world but provides safety and comfort for those it defends. Similarly, security in the world of technology has great significance. Protecting the confidential and sensitive data stored within a repository is the sole purpose of database security. Database security is the mechanisms that…show more content…
A database’s confidentiality associates with the protection of data information from being disclosed to unauthorized parties. Users who are given access to the data should be able to view certain data according to their given authority. For example, an employee should not be able to see the salaries of their managers however the managers should be able view an employee’s criminal history. A loss of confidentiality means that the data or system is unsecure and unauthorized personnel have the ability to transfer or leak any unsecured data. A method to thwart this threat is through data encryption. This security option uses mathematical algorithms to render a network message unreadable to unauthorized users. The encoding of the data becomes protected and the only way to gain access to the data is through a decryption key. Encryption prevents unauthorized users from reading encrypted data and prevents data leakage. The protection of a database system’s integrity should be a top priority within its security structure. The integrity of a database refers to the protection of information from being tampered with or manipulated by unauthorized personnel. The data and information found within the database must be accurate and consistent at all times. Thus, its integrity must also be protected from authorized users to ensure that the user is
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