In Today’S World, Japan Is Up There As One Of The Most

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In today’s world, Japan is up there as one of the most romanticized countries held up to mythic status. There are numerous things Japan is known for stemming from things like it’s culture, entertainment (Manga/Anime/Godzilla), food, technological might, and its long tumultuous history; areas of Japan that are well renown or known to be notorious. A popular subject involved with Japan regarding its historical background in that of their well known warriors. In today’s world, the warriors of Japan were held with high esteem, nobility, respect and mythic greatness. Though eventually would divulge into a new brand of warriors of crazed, nationalistic beings willing to do anything in the name and honor of protecting or upholding their nation’s…show more content…
Some well known, legendary samurai known today are Miyamoto Musashi and Ito Ittosai, both notable for their undefeated records in combat. The samurai came into conception in the early 10th century, of men who ascended from numerous clans. They were provincial warriors servicing aristocrats and eventually the samurai class achieved equal status with that of aristocracy and then amassed enough power claiming hegemony over them. The samurai eventually became too powerful they set up a Bakufu government and ordered the Emperor to grant the dominant samurai clan leader, the title of SHogun (Similar in vain to that of Generalissimo). There is a notable style of change that underwent between the earlier samurai who were scattered across the regions and engaged in individual combat to eventually banding together and working underneath a daimyo in each region. Usually associated with using long and imposing swords, these killing tools were not always their weapon of choice. The samurai first heavily utilized bow and arrows transitioning to swords and then with the advent of trade from groups like the Dutch, began to use firearms. However, the samurai sword continues to be an endearing symbol and weapons that is closely associated to samurai that still endures to this very day. When we think of samurai we think of these badass warriors. This belief and misconception may have delved especially from the samurai who fought during the Sengoku (Warring States)
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