In Today’S World The Internet Is One Of The Most Important

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In today’s world the Internet is one of the most important media, it serves nearly 3,630,000,000 users worldwide (46.1% of the population) and the rate of growth is 380.3% over the last 9 years. The role of the World Wide Web is observable not only in statistics, but also more visibly in everyday life: in social interactions, business, science and education, entertainment, communication, and even language. For many it is a place where they can interact with others or browse content anonymously. Many examples have shown that this is often a very inexperienced attitude, and that what happens to our online data may be very different to what we think happens to it. America has a long example of protecting the privacy of its citizens from each…show more content…
Although there are many well defined laws and precedents for how to handle invading a persons private life, the laws for monitoring private digital life are much more gray. While intercepting and reading a piece of posted mail is a tedious and hard to disguise task, it is a simple and easy to read electronic mail, and it is almost undetectable as well. Great care has to be taken to ensure the safety of citizens, while still maintaining their privacy. History and Development of Internet Privacy What is the perception of privacy and anonymity online relies greatly on understanding the history and development of the issue. From 1967, when the Internet was born, until the mid–1990s, privacy was a non-issue. There was no advertising, no security measures apart from log-ins, no spam and, until 1989, no graphic interfaces, no icons, images, windows, etc. One of the first cases of a website interfering with its users’ personal information is the infamous This portal, very popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, was one of the pioneers of sites like AOL or Microsoft Online, a multi‐purpose provider of news, entertainment etc. Prodigy required the installation of special software for access to the content of the website, followed by personal information (name, sex, address etc.), and a credit card number. What the users did not

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