In Todays Modern World, Stereotype Threats Are Seen Widely,

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In todays modern world, stereotype threats are seen widely, yet are not spoken about very often. Darnell Rock Reporting is a book published in 1994 by Dean Myers, which focuses on a seventh grader by the name of Darnell Rock who attends Oakdale High School. Darnell Rock is a student who is known for being a troublemaker and spends most of the time at the principal’s office. Since he is known for being a bad kid, people stereotype him as if that is all he is good for. Darnell meets a man by the name of Sweeby who is homeless and along with Darnell Sweeby is also stereotyped. Although both Darnell and Sweeby are stereotyped in a negative way, both of them end the story with a positive outcome. Stereotype threat means individuals that are…show more content…
When Darnell and Mr. Baker are discussing, Mr. Baker states, “Can’t you spend one day without getting into trouble?” “If you can’t do anything positive, why are you coming to school?” Darnell then tells Mr. Baker he wants to join the newspaper; Mr. Baker was shooked (7). This is a great example on how Mr. Baker stereotyped and looked down on Darnell because he knows that Darnell is no good for doing anything else but getting in trouble which is why he questions Darnell. In chapter five, Darnell was having a bad day and everything that could go wrong literally went wrong. He forgot his math book for Mr. Ohrbach’s class. Mr. Ohrbach got angry and stated, “It’s a good thing your head is screwed on” adding “or you would leave that home too” (44). However, Darnell did not think that was funny at all since he had heard it a hundred times and the same people always laughed. Mr. Ohrback stereotyped him to be an irresponsible person and could never get anything right. Morever, Sweeby is also a main character in the story that is negatively stereotyped. Darnell decides to interview Sweeby for his newspaper article, which is where we get most of the insight on how Sweeby is stereotyped. Darnell meets Sweeby when he is walking home from school one day, they both spoke for quite a few, within that talk Darnell finds out that Sweeby knows his dad because they were in the Army together. Mr. Rock is one of the main characters that stereotypes

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