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In-Treatment In-Treatment is an HBO series about Psychologist Paul Weston and his patients. On Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. he has his sessions with Sophie. She is in a young gymnastics star in her teenage years who has recently attempted to commit suicide by way of overdose. She lives with her mother and her father is very distant, coming in and out of her life. She appears to have an eating disorder and possibly a form of depression. The problems and behaviors that Sophie demonstrate during her sessions with Paul are closely linked to some of the concepts discussed in class, specifically those related to psychodynamic therapy. A wide range of Sophie 's behaviors are characteristic of the different defense mechanisms. These are ways that…show more content…
One example is Sophie 's resistance when it comes to her therapy. Resistance can be demonstrated through several ways such as showing up late or canceling sessions, wasting time during therapy, or avoiding certain topics. Sophie 's resistance appears mostly in the form of avoidance. This is seen early on when Sophie explains that she is thin because she likes feeling as though she can slip away. When Paul asks her what she means by this, she immediately attempts to change the subject. " I have a test I need to study for and a dentist appointment tomorrow." When Paul pushes a little more on the issue, she is straight forward and tells him that she doesn 't want to talk about it. There are also several instances during their sessions where Sophie displays avoidance through omissions, or absences of thoughts and feelings. For example, she never addresses the sexual abuse issue directly, but instead beats around the bush when Paul attempts to discuss it with her. Sophie also displays a lot of extreme behaviors and emotions, something referred to as excesses. This can be seen in the third session when Sophie begins crying heavily after her mother drops her off. She is extremely sad at the fact that she cannot have a conversation with her mother and upset at the newly formed rash on her body. Her emotions escalate and she lifts up her shirt to show Paul the rash, yelling and trying to convince him that
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