In Unit Four, We Learned About The Various Subjective And

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In unit four, we learned about the various subjective and objective methods of measurement for assessing physical activity. Learning that each method of measurement has its own advantages and disadvantages. Making it more challenging to accurately measure physical activity. For the activity part of unit four, we were told to take the “International Participation and Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ)” survey. Once completing the survey, we were told to discuss why the last seven days of activity should be assessed instead of a 30-day period. When taking the survey, I realized that it was very easy for me to recall the types of physical activity I had done over the last seven days. However, I experienced trouble with remembering more precise…show more content…
Otherwise, studies that did use inaccurate data for physical activity would be unreliable and false. According to Carron, Hausenblas & Estabrooks (2003), if researchers are to improve their current understanding of the association between physical activity and health, proper methods for assessing physical activity are essential. I think that it is important to have reliable and accurate information from proper methods of study because it allows researchers to draw better conclusions from their studies. Which in return, will overall benefit our society. Allowing us to do things such as creating better workout plans for different types of people to ensure better health. Taking the IPAQ survey, I realized that I should start using a workout log as it may be useful for keeping track of my physical activity. Where I can log the various activities and the duration of each, in a notebook. It is important to have accurate data so that if I am taking a survey online or if I am assessing and comparing my activities over a certain time, then I have that information available. This will allow me to accurately judge my physical activity levels in areas such as duration and intensity over extended periods of time. I have also learned in unit four that physical activity is difficult to measure. To make it easier to measure, we then describe physical activity by four parameters. These four parameters include type, frequency, duration, and intensity (Carron, Hausenblas &

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