In Universities Nure Are Taught To Provide Safe Quality

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In Universities Nure are taught to provide safe quality nursing care to their patients.
While providing safe care nurses are also taught to show professionalism and be an advocate for their patients. To be an advocate for their patients and family nurses may take on the role of
Nurse Healer. Nurse Healer is defined as a nurse who assist the patients to stay in a state of homeostasis i.e. human body in a state of physical and psychological balance. Dossey and others have observed that “nurses as healers” use their own energies and interpersonal caring to facilitate growth and the process toward wholeness of body, mind and spirit, as well as assist people in recovery from illness or in the transition to death”. The personal
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() Therefore, at times nurses a not about to be the nurse healer to their patients and affect their spiritual wellbeing as well.
Compassion fatigue is a process beginning when “an individual is stress by an exposure to a traumatized individual” (Crocker & Joss, 2016, p. 1) It ultimately ends reaches to point where nurse my feel there is no way to control the situation. This can result by the patient recover even though the nurse may feel that she is doing everything that she could. Therefore, safe patient care is then affected. The nurse may stop providing adequate care to the patient since the nurse may view the patient as being a waste of services. Therefore, self-care practice is important for the nurse as a healer. Pointed out by Blum 2014, Self-care not only has personal benefits but also may help nurses to role model desirable self-care behaviors to others. To be a nurse healer a nurse must take care of the physical and psychological well being. Nurse should get regular physical exams with routine blood test. Exercise regime and healthy Eating habits is essential component for a nurse to be a healer of the patient. It can walking park, joining a gym or dancing to music. The nurse also need integrate mindful practice and self-reflections in her life and take time for herself such as, writing a journal, listening to music, prayer or other enjoying activity. When a nurse can take care of her

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