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In Vincent O’Sullivan’s Finding the Pattern, Solving the Problem: Katherine Mansfield The New Zealand European, it is noted that Katherine Mansfield ‘was an enthusiast for the cinema’, that ‘she acted in several movies’ and that ‘her letters frequently took up such images as the months that “stream by like a movie picture”’(18). Furthermore, her short story At the Bay begins with the line ‘Very early morning’(Mansfield 5), that when interpreted from a literary standpoint, is more suited to a screenplay direction than the opening of a narrative. From studying At the Bay, alongside The Garden Party and Miss Brill, it is evident that her love of cinema influences her own writing, to the point where techniques that are prominently filmic, such…show more content…
The ‘big bush-covered hills’(Mansfield 1) and ‘sandy road with shallow puddles(2) of the opening are made evident that they’re not situated by the ‘weed-hung rocks’ and ‘small rock pools’(20) of a later section, yet the consistency of the style in which each area is described, the narrative voice wandering from components of the setting, such as the ‘tide’ to the ‘sunlight’ (20) to the ‘green the bungalows’(21) and the ‘pawa shells’(21), not unlike a montage, unite the set of surroundings by replicating the manner in which they are portrayed.

This parallels Citizen Kane’s ‘News of the World’ sequence, a montage that uses accurate renditions of a series of news segments, where newspapers and footage are both crafted to look as authentic and possible, to create a realistic depiction of media coverage that encompasses the globe through the different languages printed on certain newspapers. This of course brings different places together to add to the legibility of the scene and thus its overall realism. Much like Mansfield, Welles uses the idea of consistency and replication in his montage as a way of uniting it to the real world.

Yet this montage sequence in Citizen Kane fulfills another purpose. This scene takes place directly after Kane’s death, a sombre, moving moment. By directly contrasting that moment with a

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