In Vitro Fertilization Is Ethical

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Making someone else's baby Surrogate mothers carry another couple’s child with her own eggs or fertilized eggs from other women. Surrogate motherhood is unethical and needs to be banned due to the fact that reproductive technologies are inhuman and a form of violence therefore, as surrogacy becomes more popular, legal problems proliferate. Reproductive technologies such as In Vitro Fertilization and surrogacy are a form of violence against women because they technologically ravage women's bodies. In Vitro Fertilization is a medical procedure that's done where an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube (Raymond 1). The procedure is just inhuman in many ways, the mother is not naturally carrying the bay when fertilized egg and sperm are implanted…show more content…
“ In one case a gay couple were able to purchase eggs for a surrogate mother for two newborns(Devine 1).”Here is where commercial surrogacy causes the children to be at risk. “There is no guarantee that pedophiles will not be able to buy and raise their victims, since there is a egg and sperm donor. No one with a physical link can protect the child due to lack of natural nurturing links put the child at a greater risk of abuse(Devine 1)”. There are many questions from everyone, What if these people do not have the right intentions? How do we know the surrogate mother will take care of the baby until they are born? Questions that go through everyone's head all the time. If you have to worry about these questions or just be unsure of it then it should be illegal. people who are unsure about drugs, or a new medication they should take makes them double guess it. Most of the time if they have to double guess it, they do not do it. “The ultimate horror of the 21st century science is that if you have enough money you can buy a helpless newborn baby and do whatever they liked to with it in the privacy of their own home. There is nothing nobody can do to stop it(Devine 2).” Commercial surrogacy is not something people should not turn to when looking for a child for whatever reasons they may have. If people were to think about it, like they do not know the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother doesn't get a background check nor does the family getting the baby. So literally anyone with the money can get this child. They could possibly harm the child but yet no one will never know. At least with adoption agencies they look into families background and make sure they are fit to raise someone else's child. There has been some cases where famous people have turned to surrogacy such as Michael Jackson. The $250 million pop
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