In Vitro Gametogenesis Essay

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In America, we are groomed from childhood to believe that one day we will grow up and have children. This is instilled in our youth through children’s toys such as baby dolls that teach young girls to care for a child and by playing ‘house’. Sadly, for many this is an unattainable goal. Due to medical complications or inability to find a suitable mate, many must resort to other means, such as adoption or artificial insemination to reach this goal. However, even with these alternatives, many remain unable to become parents. Science may be able to change this through the use of In Vitro Gametogenesis.
Claim: The United States Federal Government should fund research for In Vitro Gametogenesis (IVG).
Grounds: The use of In Vitro Gametogenesis will help many families who dream of procreating but are physically incapable of doing so. IVG would allow a sperm cell or an egg to be created out of stem cells. This would enable women with fertility issues, cancer survivors with reproductive issues, women beyond
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Bitzer stated that exigence, which was capable of modification by way of discourse was needed (Herrick, 2016). As IVG research raises many ethical questions, its use in human analysis has been delayed. Questions of morality are raised concerning whether same sex couples should be able to procreate biologically, as well as whether the ability to choose genetic traits for offspring would put couples who can afford the treatment method at an unfair advantage over individuals who cannot afford such methods. Additionally, the question rises of whether the embryos that are created but not used in the procreation should be destroyed, donated, or frozen (Bourne, Douglas, & Savulescu, 2012). As these questions are based on morality and ethics, as opposed to statistics and data, they can be resolved through rhetorical dialogue and
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