In What Way Does The Final Scene of Act 1 Demonstrate Dramatically The

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In What Way Does The Final Scene of Act 1 Demonstrate Dramatically The
Tensions Between The Characters Which Will Lead to Tragedy?

The final scene of Act 1 in Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge' demonstrates dramatic tension in a variety of different ways. It is made fairly clear from the final moments of the act when Alfieri returns to the stage that the play will end in tragedy. Miller shows this through dialogue between the characters and in the plentiful stage directions with which he liberally sprinkles the text. There is a range of conflict present in the scene. The central conflict however, involves Eddie's unacknowledged jealousy towards Rodolfo; this is the strongest.

The above dispute is clearly visible when
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Alfieri's interlude, between
Eddie leaving his office and the lights coming up on the apartment behind, indicates quite clearly the play will end in tragedy. Alfieri says "I could see every step coming, step after step, like a dark figure walking down a hall toward a certain door". He adds that he even asked an old, wise woman what she thought he should do. The answer she gave was "pray for him". It is obvious that Eddie is extremely vulnerable.

Alfieri guesses how Eddie feels for Catherine and gently suggests that he needs to let go. Unfortunately Eddie cannot bring himself to admit that he loves Catherine like Beatrice and therefore does not benefit from Alfieri's advice. He reacts "furiously". He desperately tries to invent problems in his mind why Rodolfo cannot marry Catherine because deep down he is jealous.

The next section of the scene opens with the family finishing dinner.
Other tensions become more apparent in this scene. A prime example is that between Eddie and Beatrice. Their conflict is made apparent as
Beatrice desperately tries to keep the conversation going, sensing
Eddie's growing anger. Instead of trying to suppress his annoyance at
Rodolfo he erupts at the cousins and scorns Beatrice.

"Sure. How you gonna catch sardines on a hook?"

Everything that Rodolfo says during this scene, Eddie takes the wrong way. I think this partly due to their very different personalities.
For example Eddie looks out for his
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