In What Way Does Using the Sensorial Materials Help the Child’s Whole Development? Give Examples

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ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: In what way does using the sensorial materials help the child’s whole development? Give examples “All knowledge comes through the senses” – Aristotle The word sensorial is derived from the words sense or senses. The conventional five senses, attributed to Aristotle, are classified as sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. However, humans have at least nine different senses including interoceptive senses such as thermoception (heat, cold), nociception (pain), equilibrioception (balance, gravity), proprioception & kinesthesia (joint motion and acceleration) and sense of time. Maria Montessori believed that sensorial experiences started in the womb and continued after birth and that through his senses the child is…show more content…
The graduation of texture from fine to coarse is introduced in the third board. The Tactile boards teach about texture, Fabric boxes contain paired swatches of fabric that the child must match. The Visual Sense: These exercises assist with the discrimination between similar and differing objects. The Pink Tower exercise assists in the development of the visual discrimination of sizes in three dimensions. The preparation of the child for mathematical concepts such as the decimal system, geometry and volume is achieved through the exploration of this material. The Thermic Sense: The refinement of the sense of temperature is worked on through the use of the Thermic tablets. Each of the tablets has a different sense of temperature when touched. The different reflective properties of the tablets are used to cultivate the ability to discriminate between thermic qualities. The Baric Sense: The feeling of the different pressure and weight of different objects and the heightening of the senses through the use of blindfolds or the closing of ones eyes is introduced using baric senses exercises such at the Baric Tablets. The child is encouraged and endeavours to discern the weight of the wood tablets. Error is controlled through the colour of the wooden tablets, the lightest colour being the most light and the darkest colour being the heaviest weight. The Auditory Sense: The matching, grading and preparation for language is developed

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