In What Ways Can the Toyota Production System Be Seen as Rare and Difficult to Imitate?

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2.2. In what ways can the Toyota Production system be seen as rare and difficult to imitate? Toyota Production system is a system that was developed initially to account for the specific issues facing one company. The revolutionary ideas and concepts pioneered at Toyota have been used in many other organizations and industries throughout the world. TPS has evolved to help companies maximize value. In this system all activities relating to the manufacturing process. Toyota Production system is an integrated socio-technical system that comprises its management philosophy and practices. It is developed by Toyota. The Toyota Production system organizes manufacturing and logistics for the automobile manufacturer, including interaction…show more content…
It can avoid some problem about inventory for company. With less inventory in a system, it are quickly exposed in production that disrupting flow. Some firms shy away problems, in Toyota however the opposite logic is applied. By reducing inventory you expose the real problem in production process quickly and focus need for improvement. The second primary of system is Jidoka (build in quality). Using this system it can the Toyota production system been as rare. Fourthly, the implementation of learn production plant prove to be one of the most influential developments in recent manufacturing history. The technique within learn were developed by Toyota from the 1950s and first entered western business awareness in the late 1970s as “just-in-time”. Learn production can achieve rare. There are truly changed the culture of the business, or even produced measurable, sustained financial benefit across the business. The truth is that learn is much more than a rag-bag of tools and techniques. It amounts to a different way of thinking about the business. Toyota’s manufacturing techniques, the specifics of the Toyota production system have allowed the company to operate at a greater level of efficiency than its competitors. The lastly is about that continuous improvement. Thus, Toyota has been able to sustain a competitive advantage by utilizing a tangible resource that is rare and not easily imitable.
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