In What Ways Did the Nazis Use Education of Young People for Their Own Purposes.

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In 1933, Hitler said, “When an opponent declares, “I will not join you,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass away and your descendants now stand in a new camp”. The Nazis uused the education of young people to indoctrinate them and to create soldiers who would later go on to fight for the Reich. Education was carried out not just at school but in youth movements. The Nazis understood that adults were harder to influence than children, so indoctrinating the young with Nazi beliefs was essential if Nazism was to continue and develop in the future. The Nazis changed the curriculum and rewrote all textbooks to indoctrinate and reinforce Nazi ideology. Subjects underwent a major change in schools.…show more content…
The Nazis also created various elite schools to prepare the best of Germany's youth for future political leadership. Those who were physically fitter and stronger than the rest went to these schools where they were taught to be the future leaders of Germany. The very best pupils went to order Castles and those who graduated from the order castles could expect to attain a high position in the army of the SS. Nazi education policies were reinforced by Nazi youth movements. Boys joined the German Young People at the age of 10 and from ages 14 to 18, they became members of the Hitler Youth. They learned Nazi songs and ideas, did athletics, hiking and camping and, as they grew older, they practised marching, map reading and military skills. There was a great sense of comradeship. This further indoctrinated boys and, in effect, made them ready for military service. Girls joined the Young Girls at the age of 10, graduatint to the the League of German Maidens at 14. They did similar activities as boys, without the military skills. Instead, they learned domestic skills which reinforced the Nazi view that girls should become home makers and mothers. The Nazis also used the Hitler Youth to spy on their families, their friends and their teachers. In summary, the Nazis use of education was not primarily designed to create clever children. It was to indoctrinate them in Nazi ideology, particularly racial theories and a feeling that loyalty to the

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