In What Ways Do Family Members Or Friends Try To Persuade

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Today I am writing essay over our Unit 4 Rhetorical Analyses class discussion. The topic was,”How do family members or friends try to persuade you? In what ways do your friends or family members persuasive strategies differ from the ways advertisers try to persuade people?” There are numerous ways to try to persuade someone, but for me, my family, and friends they try to persuade me through the use of pathos and ethos. Advertisers typically use techniques like scare tactics or promising the buyer happiness in order to persuade you to buy their product. In this article I will compare the differences between advertisers and family and friends persuasive strategies.
Family members or friends are usually the people that we share the most important relationships and or the closest relationships with. In my research I found ten techniques that family members and friends use to persuade their counterparts. The ten
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“The craft of advertising itself is hundreds of years old, but it has certainly become more of a science in the last 50-60 years, with creativity and methodology working hand in hand to sell you hard.”(Suggett,Paul) In my research I found 10 creative ways that advertisers use in order to persuade their audience to purchase their products. The techniques are as follows using “scare tactics, promising happiness, attacking your social standing, limiting availability, trying to become your friend, creating positive associations, making you laugh, humanizing things and animals, using reverse psychology, and lastly using sex and proactive imagery.”(Suggett, Paul) My person experiences with advertisers has resulted in them using limited availability on a widely sought for product, and by them promising satisfaction and or happiness through the use of their products. Ways that my counterparts and advertisers persuasive techniques differ are almost
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