In What Ways Do Social Class, Gender and Ethnicity Intersect with Educational Attainment and Participation? Provide Some Examples to Illustrate.

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In what ways do social class, gender and ethnicity intersect with educational attainment and participation? Provide some examples to illustrate.

Nearly thirteen years into the new millennium and so many of the gaps most noticeable within the education system in the twentieth century have been closed. Attainment and participation in both primary and secondary education is now almost equally open to boys and girls from around the world, and tertiary education is even seeing a bias in women’s attendance over men. However, despite these positive changes, social class, gender and ethnicity still have a major impact on education and intersect with not only attendance, but with personal achievement too. Since the
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Gender can also have an impact on attainment. On average, the gap in academic achievement between girls and boys is about ten percent, with girls leading. According to statistics, women are higher achievers than men in school. Studies in secondary schools on gender and stereotyping were done in Trinidad + Tobago. In one of the schools, there was a larger female proportion of teachers. They tried many methods of teaching the males but they came to the conclusion that females, “do not know how to approach the male of the species,” they couldn’t deal with boys. (Exploring the Bias, Page, E.) It could be suggested from this study, that boys do not learn well from female teachers and therefore do not do as well as females in exams. Ethnicity intersects with educational attainment also. There are those who are studying abroad to get a better education, but also those who have immigrated into countries in Western Europe and North America who do not have great command of the English language. This ethnic diversity within schools and universities has led to a whole new change in statistics and attainment of students. Within the U.K. 16% of higher education is taken up by ethnic minority undergrads. Indians and Pakistani/Bangladeshi are all higher achievers than White British students. However, for blacks, and for black Caribbean boys, their educational attainment is very low. Also, for migrants, language barriers provide huge difficulties for attaining good results. From
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