In What Ways Does This Extract/S Show That Martin Luther King Was an Effective Public Speaker?

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In what ways does this extract/s show that Martin Luther King was an effective public speaker?

In Martin Luther King’s speech ‘I have a dream’ He uses rhetorical devices, emotive language and a careful choice of pronouns to establish rapport with the audience. Before King became a speaker he was a Baptist minister, which means he was used to speaking in public and was very knowledgeable on the bible. The speech was given exactly one hundred years after the Emancipation Proclamation and was making the point that these promises were made but had not taken place.

1: In the first paragraph of the extract, King starts with the words “Go back”. This is repeated several times throughout the paragraph and after all, but one, followed by a
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At the beginning of the next sentence, King goes on to talk about “this nation”, using the word “nation” collectively involves all of his audience, black or white and everyone ells in the United States which is another one of his many rapport techniques. Following this refers to this nation’s “creed” by which he means the ‘American Declaration of Independence’. This is the second time King has hinted at the American Declaration of Independence in this extract. It is a reoccurring them of the ‘I have a dream’ speech, however this is the only time in this extract that he directly quotes from it. When he says the quote, King stresses the word “all” in the phrase “that all men are created equal”. This is an obvious yet effective way of emphasising his point that everyone not just white men should be equal.

5: Furthermore, king depicts “former slaves and former slaves owners” sitting down together “at the table of brotherhood”. The word former gives the clear message that the slave trade had come to an end and is in the passed. When King mentions “the table of brotherhood” he uses this as a metaphor for white and black people being at the same level but also literally, sitting and eating at the same table. It could also be taken as a biblical link to the last supper or other similar bible stories, but as it is not that obvious, he probably never intended it to be.
In the next paragraph King portrays his point by using lots of metaphoric and emotive language.

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