In What Ways Has Each of your Identities Contributed to How You View Yourself?

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In what ways has each of your identities contributed to how you view yourself?

Each of my identities contributed to how I view myself today. My culture and personal experiences have had a lasting impact. I view myself as a sensitive, devoted, compassionate, thoughtful, professional, caring, patient, shy, and independent woman. My current socioeconomic status is middle class however as a young child my socioeconomic status was low income. My mother was a single parent with four children. My mother Maria was unable to further her education since she had to work to help support her family. As she became an adult and had her own family she decided to migrate to the United Stated when I was 7 years old. She wanted a different life style
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Also enjoy working in a partnership with my families. I provide children a diverse and developmentally appropriate environment that allows them to meet their individual needs. In my program I help families achieve their goals. For instance, if a parent tells me that they want to take English classes but don’t know how to enroll. I find resources for them in the community and help them to accomplish their goals by providing the information. In the past I had a parent who wanted to further her education but did not know what to do. I provided her with information regarding enrollment, fafsa, and made her an appointment for an assessment. I informed her that the library has computers she can use in order to complete her application.
Which identities have influenced your life and decisions most? Why?

The identity that has influenced my decisions and life the most has been my socioeconomic status. Being from a low income family has allowed me to have personal experiences and learn from them. It has allowed me to become a responsible, caring, independent, and a thoughtful woman. I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I am pleased to be able to help others reach their goals. I did not decide to become an early childhood educator because of the pay but because I know I can make a difference in the lives of young children. “Young children experience the world in the

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