In What Ways does Malta Differ from the Classical Mixed Jurisdictions?

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In what ways does Malta differ from the classical mixed jurisdictions?

If classical mixed jurisdictions are to be studied collectively, certain sub-groups would need to be taken into consideration. Some would be amalgamations of common and civil law, such as Scotland and Seychelles; some of religious law, civil law and common law, such as Israel; some others with a mix of the previously mentioned laws with a further addition of socialist law and tribal law such as Algeria; others, such as Hong Kong, that combine traditional Chinese law and socialist Chinese law, which itself embodies elements of the civilian tradition and so on. Other systems which have shifted from the socialist sphere to the more civilian tradition, such as Poland,
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On the contrary such laws cover a far-reaching geographical range. These new branches of the law together with the cross-boundary implications of traditional branches of the law, foremost amongst which is Criminal Law, all pose new challenges to law-making. Such novel branches comprise the Law of Sustainable Development, Cultural Heritage Law,
Environmental Law, ICT Law, Communications Law, Technology Law, Biolaw, Media Law,
Intellectual Property Law, Gaming Law, Statistics Law, Electronic Commerce Law,
Multimodal Transport Law, new aspects of Criminal Law such as Terrorism Law, Money Laundering Law, Trafficking in Persons, Drug Trafficking and so on.

H.D. Hazeltine's view
Law is continuously moving and changing, since it is the nature of law to be restless. This happens in response to the pressure of the forces that arise in the inner life of the community or that penetrate from outside. Whenever a body of law comes into contact with other systems, it ceaces to preserve its native character intact and instead it takes on new colors of form and content derived from foreign law.
As for Maltese law, it remains a distinct legal hybrid where both Anglo-American and continental legal traditions have arguable flourished alongside one another. Malta's relationship to other European mixes is complex. As with all mixed systems, Malta suggests the significant limitations of the traditional taxonomies of
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