In a Dynamic Business World, Phrases Such as 'Strategic Planning', 'Marketing Planning' or 'Change Management' Are Oxymoronic!

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MSc in Marketing & Strategy

Title: In a dynamic business world, phrases such as 'strategic planning ', 'marketing planning ' or 'change management ' are oxymoronic!

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Executive Summery

In this turbulent era of our time, we can’t possibly expect everything to go according to the plan. Business world with its many surprises got dynamic along with modern time. The vitality of it changes through the many
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When it comes to giving my own opinion, I will follow management guru Dr. Henry Mintzberg as I also think strategic planning is an oxymoron. In an interview 4 with Aron Pervin(2004), he was found to declare that planning means a systematic process. It’s barely possible to get strategies through systematic process. When the future is uncertain and depends on the so many variable factors, it is not wise to go with a strict planning whether in terms of strategy or marketing. In this revolving dynamics, market changes all the time and so does the demand of current time. So business leaders have to be open to changes in their models. Customization is the only word for this era.

In the article “Customizing customization”, J. Lampbel and H. Mintzberg (1996) gave us a picture how previous era of standardization resulting in mass production and distribution is over. In today’s dynamics thinkers and strategist have to come up with a good mix of both standardization and customization. I do agree that many big corporations around the world have done wonder through their ground breaking marketing plan. They could not possibly have done it without proper research and opportunity. But many of them did not follow traditional way of achieving massive market share. For example, Apple did not go for a product what people wanted, they were ahead of the demand and created it at the first place. So as a result they did not have to wait for the change of demand and owned the

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