In a World of Highly Competitive Business, Talented Leadership is the Anwer

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Introduction In a highly globalised world where industries from all sectors are becoming more porous and open, the competition amongst companies and organisations have never been steeper until now. The survival and sustained growth of a company lies in its ability to attract talents and to employ leaders who are able to add value to the company’s performance. As such, inherently, such leaders will have to be able to lead, take charge and perform so as to produce positive results that would generate higher revenues for the companies. However, revenues alone should not be used as a key performance indicator for such management level staffs but instead a broader scope should be established since, being in important leadership…show more content…
The mind map is a blueprint itself as immediately by going through it one is able to understand clearly as a mind map is designed to be as concise and informative as possible. Thus it is a powerful tool to be applied especially in the business world whereby there are many aspects and hierarchy that needs to be dealt with. The mind map that is used here is a form of proposal towards Sam and his team in helping him understand the strength and advantages that proper implementation of performance management will produce for the company. This mind map will then be aided with 2 OD tools which include Six Sigma and the concept of Managerial Grid. It has to be noted that these OD tools that are used to explained and support the usage of performance management have been tested. Many Multinational Companies (MNCs) have included many of such concepts in their various departments especially in Human Resources and their successes are a testament in the effectiveness of these tools. When it comes to mind maps, there is no one size fits all and thus each mind map that is created to solve or help in the understanding of a problem is unique and highly specific. There are 8 components that is being covered by this mind map and each components branched out even more to show the depth of the matter and to help us understand the factors contributing to it. The

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