In the Country of Men Essay

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The novel suggests that the bonds of family are the strongest. Discuss Hisham Matar’s narrative solely revolves around the perspective of a nine year-old boy Sulieman El Dewani, experiencing first hand an important time of Libya’s history. This crucial time in history was in Gidafi’s oppressive regime in 1979. In the text, In the Country of Men, family bonds within the Libyan society are somewhat the strongest though other relationships between the oppressed citizens of Libya and their totalitarian country and the relationship friends have with each other do prevail to be just as solid. The family bonds within this patriarchy society heavily display a sense of intimate love and compassion for one another. This relationship is deeply…show more content…
Such an instance occurs where Sulieman is hesitant to go on the day trip with Kareem and his father, as he would be leaving his mother alone. He then lies to Kareem and says, “My mother is dying”. As his Faraj is often gone, Sulieman takes on the role, as the man of the house, therefore must look after his ‘ill’ mother in everyway possible. These emotions occur in a visa versa pattern where Najwa acts the same. She clearly protects the innocence of her son by proclaiming the heavy amounts of alcohol she consumes when her husband is gone, as ‘medicine’ and does this because she is ‘ill’. This use of language is clearly there to protect Sulieman from the evil this world offers and in this case, this evil is alcohol. The family bonds in the novel are heavily portrayed as the strongest, though this is not the case as the bond between friends has proven to be just as powerful. The friendship Faraj and Ustath Rashid share is of utmost importance as it displays a strong bond through the loyalty they have one each other, thus making the bond of friendship one of the strongest in the novel. Through the first half of novel, the bond of friendship these two men share is deeply shown as they both share the same goal. As they both are against the revolution that their society has, they each display signs of loyalty to one another. Sulieman often describes them as ‘brothers’ thus proving how close they are to one another. This bond
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