Essay In the End Women Are Too Weak for Management

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Gender issues within Organisations.
ODUM Uchechukwu Azubike.
There is a general saying which is very common amongst industrious women which states thus; “what a man can do, a woman can do even better”. A publicly reverberating affirmation, perhaps to correct the impression that apparently clouds professional viewpoints on the effectiveness and relative success of female versus male managers, probably stemming from women around the world who have shown themselves to be exemplary in areas where the men folk have failed.
The time immemorial argument geared towards identifying which sex is stronger has been a resonant issue throughout society. In Christendom on the one hand,
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It is therefore essential to examine causal factors which influence women at both entry and subsequent stages in their career.
Although there is an increasing trend for women towards participating in non-traditional occupational areas, the options and choices at entry level are to a large extent influenced by a wide assortment of socio-cultural and environmental factors. Children in their formative years tend to learn sex role stereotypes from parents, teachers, and the media. During early childhood, parents play the role of being the primary agents of socialisation to the child, communicating and reinforcing behaviours based on appropriate sex role stereotypes. The social-role theory (Eagley, 1987) proposes that boys are encouraged to develop agentic traits such as ambition, control, dominance and independence whereas girls are encouraged to develop communal beliefs and behaviours such as gentleness and interpersonal sensitivity and emotional expressiveness. In reinforcing activities and belief associated with appropriate sex stereotypes, parents create a household environment that contributes to the arousal of different interests and the development of different abilities in their children. Thereby conveying and strengthen the message that girls and boys are different. Unconsciously, teachers tend to give boys more of both negative

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