In the Middle of the Night

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Robert Cormier's psychological thriller In the Middle of the Night takes us on a mysterious journey of revenge; he explores the minds of characters with monstrous thoughts. Orphaned children Lulu and her young brother David were severely injured at a magic show in the Globe Theater on Halloween night when a balcony collapsed upon them. Although Lulu was revived, she dies a spiritual death. She now dedicates her life to revenge on John Paul, the usher who she believes caused the accident of her death. The story shows us that all humans are capable of monstrous behavior. Lulu is monstrous in her revenge. Since the incident her mind was fixed on revenge against John Paul who, she believes, caused her death experience. David says “She…show more content…
Lulu is monstrous in her revenge. John Paul is monstrous in his guilt. The night of the accident John Paul went up to the balcony because he heard noises, which turned out to be rats. He lit a match to investigate. John Paul held the flame too close to the book of matches and the entire packet then caught on fire. He dropped the pack on the ground, and soon the entire balcony caught on fire and fell, killing 22 children. The guilt follows John Paul and haunts the rest of his days. Although he was cleared of any fault in the disaster, his name permanently lingers in the memories of the survivors. He receives hate mail and telephone calls at any given times of the day:
Know what, Denny? Maybe I am guilty after all. Maybe I should not have struck that match in the theater. More than that. Maybe I should have investigated the balcony. But I hated to go up there. I was afraid of the place----the rats, the shadows. So, I confess my guilt, do my penance (160).
John Paul was just 16 years old when this disaster happened. He bears the guilt and allows it to eat him alive, not knowing how to cope with the thought of him being a murder. He took the hate that was given to him and absorbs it. Feeling as if being drowned in his guilt wasn’t enough, Lulu decides that making John Paul suffer was not enough. She then explains that John Paul’s family deserves the ultimate pain. Lulu says, “The sin of the father will be
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