In the Next Room by Sara Ruhl

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In The Next Room Response In the Next Room is a play by Sarah Ruhl. The play contains the early history of the sexual device which is a vibrator. Dr. Givings used the vibrator as a clinical treatment to give women orgasm to cure hysteria. Dr. and Mrs. Givings always have unsatisfactory sexual relationship. Mrs. Givings was not able to breast feed her baby that Dr. Givings’ patient Mrs. Daldry introduce a wet nurse Elizabeth. Elizabeth visits Mrs. Givings and wet nurse the baby. One time Leonard Living an artist visits Dr. Givings’ clinic and request Elizabeth to draw her wet nursing a baby. Elizabeth once told Mrs. Givings and Mrs. Daldry that she can orgasm during the sex with her husband. Later on, with jealousy Mrs. Givings strongly demand love from her husband and they seek a true love by having sex. They finally recovered their relationship. A Doll’s House is a play Henrik Ibsen. The play starts with a loving couple Mr. and Mrs. Helmer. Nora Helmer once secretly borrowed a large amount of money so that her husband could recuperate from a serious illness from Italy. When Torvald is appointed bank director, his first act is to catch a man who was once disgraced for having forged his signature on a document. Krogstad, the person Nora has borrowed her money. It is then revealed that she forged her father's signature in order to get the money. Krogstad threatens to reveal Nora's crime and as a contract Krogstad, demand Nora to tell Torvald not to fire him. When Torvald
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