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Her Everlasting Faith
Death is a word associated with loss, grief and sadness, but in the novel In the Time of the Butterflies we see death in a whole new perspective; martyrdom. Strong, independent, caring, honest, and having firm beliefs are all characteristics we see in a martyr especially in Patria. In the novel we explore the wonders of Julia Alvarez’s writing and get to witness Patria as a martyr and an individual who fought for the right of women against a dictator: Trujillo.
As an individual, Patria’s personality can be best characterized as someone who firmly sticks to their beliefs and has faith in everything and everyone. Patria’s drive to become someone notable after dealing with misfortune after misfortune makes Patria
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“The moment I understood her hatred, my family had not been personally hurt by Trujillo just as before losing my baby. Jesus had not taken anything away from me. There was the Perozos, not a man left in that family and Martinez Reyna and his wife murdered in their bed and thousands of Haitians murdered at the border. Making the river they say still red. I had heard but not believed. How could our all loving father let us suffer? I looked up challenging him and the two faces merged” (Alvarez 53).
Patria is exposed to the truth that Trujillo was not the god-like entity she perceived him to be. In Patria’s mind there is no separation between god and Trujillo; they are one. Patria is finally coming face to face with the problems within the Dominican Republic. This revelation foreshadows how Patria will become involved with the regime and what part she might play. An ordinary person can be considered a martyr, but Patria Mirabal is anything, but an ordinary person. She is a fighter who is willing to risk anything and everything to make even the smallest of difference in the world. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi are all symbols of what a martyr is; someone who dies for a greater cause, because of their beliefs. In the novel In the Time of the Butterflies Patria is the ultimate martyr, because of whom she is as a person and in which the way she died.
“Coming down the mountain I was a changed woman. I may
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