In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez Shows the Lives of Sister

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Mate started out as a normal teenage girl, trying to find her way in the world. She was the youngest of four sisters, each one more interesting than the next. Her sisters Dede,
Patria, and Minerva all had different views of everything around them, which in turn influenced her views of the world since she looked up so much to her sisters. Minerva was very active in the national underground, Patria eventually got involved due to her problems with her husband Pedrito, and though Dede was never truly involved, she did support her sisters and their choices. As time goes on, Mate not only finds love, she also takes a side against Trujillo and evolves greatly as a person.
When first introduced to Mate, it is easy to relate to her. She is looking
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But really what he was planning all along was to let her study for five whole years only to render that degree useless in the end. How cruel!" (91). She discovers Trujillo never had any intention of letting Minerva use her degree once she had it. Minerva states, "His gaze falls on the dice. Slowly, his lips twist in a wily smile. "I'll tell you what. I'll let you toss for the privilege. You win, you get your wish, I win, I get mine." (75). She decides to be against
Trujillo because her love Palomino is against him. She joins the underground nation in order to be safe from Trujillo forever. She also joins to be with her beloved Palomino. Mate is sure of who she is now. She says, "My true identity now is Mariposa (#2), waiting daily, hourly, for communications from up north." (94). She proves to us that sometimes, you need other people to help you along and see the light.
Mate really grew up in her time that we have seen so far. She got married to Palomino.
This is a great milestone for her, considering all the trust issues she's had after discovering her father was cheating on her mother. Alvarez stated "The Day of Lovers, February 14" (97).
She eventually decided on what she wanted to study at the university and continued on to get her degree in Philosophy and Letters. Mate confided in us, "I told her I was signing up for
Philosophy and Letters..." (87). She also decided that not all men are bad, and she is capable of falling in love with someone wonderful.
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