In the novel The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon, the author brings us

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In the novel The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon, the author brings us into the world of a 15 year old boy living with Autism. Life for the protagonist, Christopher is not placid, as it is essential he make difficult life decisions that modify his routine life. The story culminates with Christopher residing with his mother, Judy. However, there are numerous reasons that Judy does not make for a suitable guardian, subsequently Christopher should not be residing with his mother and instead his father, Ed. Judy’s personality and character traits make her an unstable and unpredictable person who has established multiple times that she cannot face her problems and instead chooses to run away. While Judy is ill…show more content…
Not only does she need to care for herself she has demonstrated that she is impatient and very hot tempered, a personality unfit to taking care of someone with Autism.
In accordance with the fact that Judy needs to care for herself and her personality does not allow her to be a good guardian, Judy runs away from her problems instead of facing them. Judy has been absent from Christopher’s life, because she found caring for him to be too difficult, and so she left with Mr. Shears, leaving Christopher’s father to tell him she had died, “Mother died two weeks later…” (26). Even though she is not really dead, she is dead to Christopher for years, and he is left with no mother. She does so again when things with Mr. Shears become too tough, she runs away without telling him, “We are going back to Swindon because if we stay in London any longer…”(208) This is the portion of the book where Christopher’s mother tells Christopher that they are leaving London and going back to Swindon, as she is appalled by Mr. Shears behavior and interaction with Christopher, as well as she no longer desires to be with him. Instead of facing him, she packs up their stuff, takes his car and leaves. Thus her inability to face her problems makes her irresponsible and unpredictable.
While Ed also has his liabilities, he is a much more suitable guardian for Christopher. Ed is responsible which in turn makes him much more patient
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