In this essay I will be discussing the role and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in event

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In this essay I will be discussing the role and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in event management in the 21st Century. I will research and report examples, with supporting evidence. Firstly, I shall begin with defining Corporate Social Responsibility and then I will turn my attention to the challenges of CSR along with, why it is crucial for businesses and what the outcomes are if Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is overlooked. Throughout this essay I will be providing examples of such an fundamental affects and companies who have take CSR and how they are carrying out their responsibilities. Then, later on in the essay I will look into the pros and cons of CSR. Finally to finish off, I will provide a conclusion as to…show more content…
However, there is a small minority who often overlook CSR which has in many cases, has had a devastating effects. An example of this would be from the fashion industry where the fire in Karachi (Pakistan), killed over 300 people, this shows that, as the industry is looking to find the next low-cost producer after China, companies are in a way starting again in ensuring fulfilment with CSR issues such as the safety of workers and their rights and environmental issues in countries such as Pakistan. This now leads me to the question of why companies should take CSR and whether it is worth the effort to take CSR. I begin answering this by explaining the benefits of CSR and how it can help companies financially and at the same time, create a good image of the company in the public eye. Topics associated with the combination of CSR and the competitive strategy of a company are widely discussed amongst practitioners in the studious forums. Studies find it wiser for companies to act strategically with the consideration to CSR activities and suggest using the structure that guides their main business choices in order to make CSR a source of competitive advantage for the firm (Maxfield, 2008). The benefits of using CSR may not be obvious than say, helping the environment. For example, a survey conducted by Net Impact found that 53% of workers say that “a job where I can make
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