In this paper I will argue that torturing a person is never a best way to bring about a much

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In this paper I will argue that torturing a person is never a best way to bring about a much greater good except in extreme emergency situations. I will also argue that he degree of torture should vary in these extreme emergency situations and the torturer should be able to justify why did he torture the person. I will elaborate on torture and why I believe it is never the best way to bring about a greater good after a very brief description of what torture is and under what circumstances people ought to be tortured. Torture is basically inflecting unbearable pain in a person in order to break his/her will to obtain certain information. Most commonly torture is used on people who are considered as a threat to the nation or simply who defy…show more content…
I believe torture is only morally permissible in extreme emergency situations. By extreme emergency situations I mean when there is a risk that hundreds of people will be killed if the victim does not provide certain information. In the ticking time bomb case, interrogators have tried all the acceptable methods to get the code to disarm the bomb and have failed to do so and hence it is morally permissible to torture the person to get the code otherwise we will be putting the lives of millions of people at risks. Also, some cases where torture would be morally permissible are where the torturer is hundred percent sure that the victim is the perpetrator and has significant information to bring about greater good. This victim can be a kidnapper, a bomber, a terrorist or even a secret service agent who is selling confidential information. I also believe that while torturing someone the degree of torture should not be too high and it should be in the knowledge of highest law authority. A medical practitioner should also be present while torturing a victim so that there should be no risk to the life of the perpetrator. As Henry Shue said that “An act of torture ought to remain illegal” and anyone has to justify in order defending himself/herself legally (Shue). I strongly believe that under any circumstance torture should not be legalized whether it is for
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