Charles Murray Are Too Many People Going To College Summary

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In “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, the author, Charles Murray explains the advantages of a liberal arts undergraduate degree, diminishes the importance of a college B.A., and claims that more people should consider providing goods and services rather than pursuing more advanced careers. He begins by outlining the importance of “core knowledge” being taught at a younger age in order to provide students with “cultural literacy” in American history and literature. After addressing a basis of education, he continues to discuss the importance of a liberal arts education over a “brick-and-mortar campus”. In the final part of his writing he connects the previous information to belittle the importance of a four year college degree…show more content…
The answer is: in a sensible world, hardly ever”.
As the writing advances, the argument shifts to people capable of hands on jobs out of high school considering whether going to college should really be advocated as much as it is today. Along with this, he says that eventually attending vocational schools will become scarce due technology and the fact that many things accomplished at these schools can be done online. He also claims that income statistics of high end jobs today are skewed considering the fact that when you look at average incomes of a profession, many of us will end up in the lower percentiles. For many people, he says, the best option is to pursue a service or hands on job that doesn’t require a four year education. He ends the essay by claiming that “College isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” as well as depreciating the value of the normal B.A. that little college pursuers end up achieving. Murray writes: “the misalignment is in the optimistic direction, as adolescents aspire to be attorneys or physicians without understanding the educational hurdles they must surmount to achieve their goals”.
By focusing on the best of the best students educationally, Murray overlooks the true value of a B.A. as well as the many benefits that come with attending a four year university over a liberal arts college. Many claims Murray makes are based on hypothetical
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