Inaccuracies In The Movie Gladiator

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In the movie Gladiator, emperor Marcus Aurelius died and wanted someone to take over the throne in order to continue leading Rome, but he wanted someone who is not corruptive and a good emperor as Maximus not as his son Commodus who become eventually a bad emperor. Most of the movie has occurred in the Rome Forum, which consists of the important things, since it is regarded as the city center that has the senates’ houses and their monuments, as the SPQR, which stands for the senate and people of Rome. Plus, gladiators’ fights were in the Colosseum. Romans were polytheistic, because they worshiped more than one god. Rome has had different social classes: plebes who accounted for most of the people, patricians who were wealthy people…show more content…
First, it is inaccurate that gladiators fight to death. In fact, they fought until they loss and then they recover and fight back again, which all depends on the emperor thumb’s movement, if his thumb is up it means a gladiator can continue fighting and if thumb down means a gladiator should go out and recover to fight back. Second, including animals in the Colosseum was accurate, since the Romans used to put slaves to fight with lions and tigers in the Colossum, and then watch them for fun and gambling. Third, inside the Colosseum, they showed men and women not separated, which is wrong. In reality, they used to separate men and women so that women do not get attacked and injured by angry drunk men. Fourth, in the movie they presented separation in the Colosseum between groups of people, which is correct, since that separation meant to separate people by their wealth. For example, the patricians stay on the top and plebs stay on the…show more content…
For instance, they used the slaves as a toy to trade and gamble with it. Interestingly, I believe horse racing is influenced by the concept of gladiators and the Colosseum, because nowadays, mostly in western countries as England, which uses horses for racing, which includes gambling as well. This made me think that we are more human than the Romans, since at least we use animals rather than humans for gambling and fun. On one hand, I learned that greed and fighting for power regardless of harming others is a human nature. For example, Commodus and Maximus were fighting for power. Although, Commodus who is not qualified to be emperor nor is better than Maximus, was fighting to continue to be the emperor regardless of the fact that his father did not want him to be nor he is more honorable than Maximus who loves Rome and its people. Lastly, I would say that the history is repeating its self differently in terms of times and places. For example, we could see unwanted presidents around the world whom their people do not want them to rule nor they are
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