Inadequate Same Sex Marriage Laws in the United States Essay example

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Inadequate Same Sex Marriage Laws in the United States The institution of marriage has been around for many years. Times have changed and society has grown as a whole. The United States has laws that prohibit same-sex marriages or do not grant them the same privileges as "traditional" marriages. You will see how behind this great nation has remained. As many countries around the world explore less traditional ways of life, the United States has been left in the dust. In the United States of America laws require that we be treated as equals. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the laws of same-sex marriages. How can a country that praises itself on freedom, equal rights, and the pursuits of happiness not allow someone to…show more content…
(cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church No. 1601) Not everyone in America follows the catholic religion. This shows that we need to make changes. We have the freedom to practice our own religion, but whey should that govern us? In Canada the majority of Canadian adults favor gay and lesbian marriages. In British Columbia where the polygamous marriages of members of a small Mormon splinter group are known to the government and allowed to exist. Even though, this is a small step, and with the majority support of many Canadians, Canada's future of giving equal rights to individuals wanting to participate in same-sex marriages looks bright. Even though, the federal Canadian government has no plans to either widen the definition of marriage to include homosexuals, or to create a civil union state with new legislation. Many court challenges are in progress. The Danish government made changes to previous laws covering inheritance and tax laws to give same-sex couples equality with married couples. This law allows rights that were granted to married couples such as; inheritance, insurance, pension, social security, income tax increases or deductions, and unemployment benefits. In France a same-sex married couple can participate in a national health insurance plan, the same tax breaks, and the same legal benefits. The government in France has even made it easier for homosexual couples to adopt children. France has really made an
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