Inappropriate Behavior And Sexual Harassment

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Inappropriate behavior of ladies in the working environment is turning out to be extremely usual around the world. It has turned into a major issue in the work environment and still exists currently. This issue is extremely noticeable in environments where there are more men than women working and also in some healthcare environments also. Inappropriate behavior/ Sexual harassment against women in business environments and against medical caretakers affect their efficiency and production in any type of establishment. This has come up as an unfavorable behavior however a vital subject needed to be discussed in any type of working environment.
As per the articles in this abstract, there have been legal cases documenting women 's sexual
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Sexual harassing behavior includes requests for sexual favors, physical sexual involvement and unwelcome sexual advances which affect the productivity of the work. The numbers of sexually harassed women in the workplace is staggering. Most women who experience sexual harassment in the workplace, who are afraid of speaking out. They also feel ashamed of telling anybody and fear of losing their jobs if the same deed is bring into the notice of higher authority.
Women in business professions and in medical fields are some with the highest sexual harassment rate. The most of the time the harassment is done by making remarks.
As we have learned, harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature. Harassment can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex as well. The main noted issues involved in sexual harassment in the workplace includes vary from person to person. As per the article, 52% of women experience bullying or harassment in the workplace. One noted issue is management authority. The behavior of upper management or supervisors towards other employees is also considered as one of the issues. They have been known to abuse their authority which will in-turn affects the employee’s productivity and effectiveness at work. They have also been known to ask for sexual favors from them in order to promote or save their job. Women have faced these issues
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