Inattentional Blindness: The The Invisible Gorilla Video

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Inattentional Blindness. How and why it affects us. Have you seen the Gorilla? Inattentional Blindness affects nearly everyone, in the experiment ‘The Invisible Gorilla’ a video was shown, and at a random point in the video, something changed that most of the viewers didn’t notice. This video consisted of a few people playing a basketball game, and as the video went on, the viewers were asked to count how many times the ball was passed to another player. At the end, the viewers could tell you how many times that the ball was passed to another player, but what they didn’t see was the Gorilla that walked across the center screen during the middle of the video, in fact almost all of them didn’t even notice a change in the setting (McStravick). Inattentional Blindness is the failure to see an object because our attention is not focused on it. The viewers who’d watched the gorilla video were so focused on the number of times the ball was passed, that their attention wasn’t even focused on anything else in the video “While focused on this task the observers failed to see the man in a gorilla suit who walks directly across the center of the screen” (McStravick). While most people have Inattentional blindness, a frequently asked question is: What causes Inatttentional Blindness? Is it just that people’s minds get so distracted with something else that they don’t pay attention to what’s in front of them? Or just that your brain is too overloaded that you can’t think right? This

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