Inaugural Address Summary

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Part I: Reasoning in the Inaugural Address
General and Specific Purposes of the Speeches
In the general purposes of the three inaugural addresses of FDR, JFK and Barack Obama, they were focused on appreciating the constitutional process which involves the inauguration of the U.S president. For example, recently, President Obama stated in his speech that people gathers each year to observe the enduring strength of the U.S and the act of democracy. FDR also appreciated the need for the inauguration in upholding the constitutional values and cultures.
In specific, President Obama sought to assert his commitment in supporting economic recovery as well as growing the middle class in the United States. It follows the adverse economic conditions and thus, president Obama promised to offer liberation for the American families. Still, President Obama also used the speech to emphasize on his policies going forward including his foreign policy which
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On the other hand, President Obama relied on both inductive and deductive reasoning types (Evans, 2012). Using inductive reasoning, President Obama was able to identify the key issues such as his purpose in improving alliances with countries across world and justified the ideas into a conclusion.
Under deductive reasoning, President Obama was able to address common knowledge facts about security vulnerabilities faced by the U.S and his committed to provide national security. JFK only relied on deductive reasoning whereby he examined the cultural and values of the Americans and how he was committed in expanding human rights protection. JFK did not come up with new ideas, which required explanations, but only used common ideas with the
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