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The article, This Bud May Be for the Belgians, discusses InBev’s buyout of Budweiser. Discuss the value of the brand from a consumer perspective. Some of you may not be beer drinkers, or drink any alcohol, but you are still a part of a culture where beer drinking is an identifiable lifestyle component, so you should be able to provide some perspective. Some things to consider are Budweiser’s targeted blue-collar market segment, its country of origin, and our nationalistic “pride of ownership.” Switch perspectives a bit, and consider how international consumers might value the quintessential American beer. Do you think that coming from the US enhances the value to overseas customers? Why or why not? (Blenkinsop & Geller, 2014) In…show more content…
Similar to the US, introduction of this campaign in Russia also led to strengthening Budweiser’s image with respect to its heritage and its role in consumers’ social life. Significant improvements were observed on several attributes. This campaign was also able to touch a chord with consumers in the UK, where an increase was noticed on the very same attributes as well. Reintroducing Budweiser in this optimistic light has aided in generating a universal positive impression of Budweiser among consumers globally. Not only has it improved consumers’ perceptions of the brand, but has also helped curb the over two decade decline in sales in Bud’s home market of United States as well as has fueled growth in international markets, making it truly the first successful Global beer brand. Hence, I believe that Bud-InBev has added equity to the company and is well on its way in accomplishing a significant turn-around for Budweiser. Not only is the Anticipation campaign working to halt historical declines by driving reappraisal for the brand in the US, it is also making significant progress towards our dream of establishing Budweiser as the world’s first truly global beer brand. A meticulous approach to brand building and respect for strongly rooted research has been the fuel for a powerful campaign built on a universal emotion. References Blenkinsop, P., &

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