Inbreeding Depression By Environment Interactions Essay

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Inbreeding Depression
Inbreeding depression is a widely-studied topic in the fields of not only genetics, but as well as the fields of biology, ecology, etc. Directly speaking, inbreeding depression results in the loss or reduced expression of a trait due to the mating between two closely related organisms (Hartl 547). As of today, there are a plethora of studies and evidence that explain how and why inbreeding occurs within populations even though it is deleterious for the populations. However, several of these experiments are done in an unnatural environment or researchers have manipulated data in a way to deem the results not truly representative (JM Pemberton et al.,2016). It is vital to discover and understand the inbreeding depression of organisms in natural conditions so that this area of study is accurately represented by reasonable data and the knowledge of this topic can be expanded accurately. The article, “Inbreeding Depression by Environment Interactions in a Free-living Mammal Population” published in Heredity in November 2016, discusses research done on a population of sheep in St. Kilda in attempt to discover inbreeding depression by environment interaction with unmanipulated and true data. The sheep live on an isolated island, so it is assumed that inbreeding is high in the population and genetic variation is low as well.
In this article, the researchers analyzed nine traits in the sheep for inbreeding depression by environment interaction. These traits are
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