Inc. An Emr Software Company

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Clinicient Inc is an EMR software company which provides electronic medical record system to physical therapy offices. As a part of its services Clinicient also offers billing and payment collections from insurance companies for the customers it serves. This company is incorporated meaning that it is not owned by one person or a partnership, instead it has shareholders and is run by a board of directors. This company is currently involved in a number of lawsuits by former customers as well as some former employees. The most common suit against it happens to be from former customers who feel that Clinicient did not provide the services it was contracted to provide. Clinicient failed to bill out claims in a timely manner, failed to follow-up on claims that were not paid due to billing or documentation errors or issues, failed to correct problems or notify the customer of existing issues, and transferred payments received to the wrong customer accounts causing financial issues for affected customers. As a result a civil suit has been filed with the court against Clinicient for breach of contract. The customer has filed a complaint with the court and Clinicient’s legal department has been notified. A response has been filed with the court on behave of Clinicient and both parties have completed the discovery process. “Preparing for trial takes place as part of the discovery process.” (Gray, 2007). “For civil discovery requests, the private interest to be affected by the
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